DAISY – the results of early seeding – workshop at the NADP Annual Conference



On Friday 3rd July 2009 Douglas Blane & Andrew Thomas from The Open University (OU) Digital Audio Project (DAP) will be presenting a workshop on “DAISY – the results of early seeding” during the National Association of Disability Practitioners (NADP) Annual Conference 2009.

The Digital Audio Project – its aims, objectives and milestones from highly structured distance learning materials and textbooks to tutorial handouts and notes, demonstrating how open and flexible written content can be when presented as a digital talking book. To understand and exploit the potential of DAISY digital talking books to meet student needs and describe emerging partnerships between Universities and external technology developers to specify and build new standards-based computer and mobile interfaces and show examples of early feature-rich digital talking books under development.

Outline how course material can be delivered for immediate or later use from a VLE or other online setting to students’ computers, PDAs, mobile phones and MP3 players etc.
How a structured authoring environment can automatically provide “single input, multiple outputs”.
Involvement of students in defining products and services and using automated one-to-many text-conversion methods provide potential for pedagogic innovation and digital age services for all students.

During the session delegates will have the chance to:

* comment on the Digital Audio Project;
* share their experience of alternate format material development for visual impaired and print disabled students.

By the end of the session delegates will have a greater understanding of DAISY Digital Talking Books and understand the challenge to make complex educational material available in alternate formats.