Using DAISY DTD within Adobe InDesign

I was interested to read the news item on “Save as DTBook (DAISY XML) option in Adobe InDesign”.

One area I have been researching is how to restructure PDFs with accessibility mark-up so an output of OU XML (our own DTD) or DAISY XML can be created in order for us to automatically create a DAISY DTB using pipeline, Dolphin converter or publisher.

If you use Adobe InDesign CS4 you can import the DAISY DTD and then tag your document up appropriately with DAISY tags. You can then save your project as XML, which will effectively be DAISY XML.

The advantage of doing it this way rather than using the InDesign “Save as DTBook” is that if you have a poorly structured / tagged document, then your “Save as DTBook XML” output will also be poorly structured / tagged.
If you tag the document with the DAISY DTD tags, your output XML should be correctly structured / tagged.

We are seriously looking at this because the InDesign project it at the end of our editing and pagination workflow, therefore no other corrections will be made to the output if an XML output is created at the same time as the print ready PDF output.
The OpenOffice / Word 2007 “Save As DAISY” options is not at the end of our workflow and therefore there will be differences between the printed version. This means that it is not really usable in a large scale publishing workflow.

Adobe InDesign DAISY DTD