Video Production Service

* YouTube is the 2nd most used website search engine in the world
* YouTube is the 3rd most used website in the world
* 70% of search engine results contain at least one video on the first page
* YouTube has over 4 billion viewers per day
* Websites with embedded videos are 3 times more likely to get inbound links to their website
* Time spent on a website is increased between 100% – 500% when the website has video content
* Websites with video content have increased sales of between 30% – 40%
* Videos communicate more information in less time
* Online videos are available around the world 24/7

YouTube is owned by Google. If you would like your website to rank higher on Google, then it’s a good idea to also have a YouTube channel for your website. This can be linked back to your website, therefore increasing hits to your website. You can also have your YouTube videos embedded directly into your website, making them more interactive.

I can create a short HD video advert for your business, filming you at work & incorporating an interview of why customers should use your company. After editing, adding titles & rendering your advertising video, I’ll upload it to your corporate YouTube or Vimeo channel therefore enabling it to be embed it into your website.

Please feel free to contact me for a quotation on your HD video filming & production requirements.

You can view some of the videos I have filmed & produced at:

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