IT Training Recommendation

As a new student who is very much the wrong side of 50 and very unfamiliar with both the OU and computers in general, I was unsure of what I was letting myself in for. In fact I found I really had to dig deep and bite the bullet in order to enrol on my course, especially as I am a disabled student. For me the use of computers is essential, without my laptop I could not participate. The training I received from Doug was very good, firstly he helped me to setup understand and use my new laptop. He then helped me to set up understand and use all the very complicated software essential for my OU course. Under normal circumstances and from past experiences I always found computer training very complicated and mind numbingly boring. With Doug I found the opposite to be true I always looked forward to the training sessions and found that the time flew by. After each session I found that I had learnt something and understood the software and could if needed put it to practical use. If a friend or family member needed such training I would happily and confidently recommend Doug’s training. There can be no better evidence or confirmation of this than the fact that I am confidently writing and submitting this recommendation, this just goes to show that in my case Doug has taught this old dog some new tricks.

Desmond Sheppard

Student of The Open University


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