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Doug’s work for me as a disability specialist technology trainer always been exemplary. He is a really creative guy who likes to get to grips with the detail of what he is doing. He is committed to his continuing professional development and is eager and willing to learn new skills and improve existing skills to make the best impression and provide the best solution to his clients. He is great at empathising with clients and working at a pace and in a manner that best matches their skills and their needs.
I would certainly hire Doug again.

Malcolm Dixon

The Open University Access Centre Manager (2003 – 2013)

~ ~ ~

Very customer focussed individual, keen and able to solve the problems at hand and pass his knowledge on without hesitation.
I would strongly recommend Douglas.

Mike Parris

Consultant / Project Manager, SBD Ltd

~ ~ ~

Douglas has a wealth of capabilities including IT, web, photography, video and marketing. Our IT manager here in the U.S. is also very impressed with Douglas’ capabilities. I would definitely recommend Douglas for any challenging technical or marketing environment.

Mark Ditmanson

CEO of Prompter People Inc.

~ ~ ~

Doug has worked for Prompter People Europe Ltd as a IT consultant and Technical adviser for our products. His knowledge and abilities have been an asset to our company. His professional approach and ability to converse with our European customers has been of a great support for them.

Richard Knappett

UK/EU Manager
Prompter People Europe Ltd.

~ ~ ~

I would not hesitate to recommend Douglas to any person who has reason to ask for a reference. I found him sober honest hard-working and a pleasure to work with and believe he would be an asset to any project he put his mind to.

Mr H F Manguzi

MD Manguzi Ind.
IRATA Rope Access Consultant Trainer
Oilfield Testing Services Ltd

~ ~ ~

Doug has been an important and trusted member of my team. He has both a broad and expert knowledge-base and the skill to make disparate and distant processes connect.

Jennie Augustyniak

Manager, Office for Students with Disabilities
The Open University

~ ~ ~